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TWCERT/CC Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center


ASUS RT-AX56U V2 & RT-AC86U - Format String -1

TVN ID TVN-202307001
CVE ID CVE-2023-35086
CVSS 7.2 (High)
Affected Products RT-AX56U V2:
Description It is identified a format string vulnerability in ASUS RT-AX56U V2 & RT-AC86U. This vulnerability caused by directly using input as a format string when calling syslog in logmessage_normal function, in the do_detwan_cgi module of httpd. A remote attacker with administrator privilege can exploit this vulnerability to perform remote arbitrary code execution, arbitrary system operation or disrupt service.
Solution RT-AX56U V2: update to or later
RT-AC86U: update to or later
Public Date 2023-09-19