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TWCERT/CC Participates in the 27th Annual FIRST Conference on Computer Security Incident Handling

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  • Update:2019-04-08
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TWCERT CC Participates in the 27th Annual FIRST Conference on Computer Security Incident Handling

The 27th Forum of Incident Response and Security Team (FIRST) was held in Berlin, Germany on June 14-19, 2015. FIRST is the largest international non-profit cybersecurity organization, and it holds an international cyber security conference annually.

Established in 1990, the goal of FIRST is to address emerging and evolving cybersecurity incidents. Up to now FIRST has more than 320 members, including governmental institutions, private enterprises, and academic and research institutions spreading in America, Europe, and Asia. TWCERT/CC is also a full member of FIRST.

The theme of 2015 FIRST annual conference was “Unified Security - Improving the Future”, and its intention is to improve the security of global digital technology and infrastructure. The chairman of FIRST, Mr. Maarten Van Horenbeeck said, “To address the challenges in a digital era, we gathered professionals from all over the world to collaborate on the basis of mutual trust.”

Given how to handle the huge amount of cyber intelligence in the future is the challenge and critical goal of collaboration of the computer emergency response teams (CERTs) all over the world, the conference also actively promoted the importance of cyber intelligence sharing and integration and investigated the essence of cybersecurity notifications and responses from the perspectives of incident response, information sharing, and technology. Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, the State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the German Federal Government’s information technology attaché, also said that FIRST devotes to global IT security collaboration and has held more than 100 lectures and seminars. People gained information and knowledge from the pioneers, such as HP, Microsoft, Siemens, and the World Bank, and recognized the numerous opportunities and derivative risks in the digital era.