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TWCERT/CC Participates in the BLACK HAT USA 2016 and DEF CON 24 in Las Vegas

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  • Update:2019-04-08
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TWCERT CC Participates in the BLACK HAT USA 2016 and DEF CON 24 in Las Vegas

Held in Las Vegas annually, the Black Hat and DEF CON are the most popular cyber security seminars in the world and attract many cyber security professionals, cyber security companies, top international hacker organizations, and people who are interested in cyber security. There they can get the most up-to-date cyber security knowledge and global cyber security trends to improve hackers’ skills.

Many new attacks were shown in the Black Hat and DEF CON. Despite some of the attacks may be too difficult or peculiar to fully replicate, by understanding the attacking principles one could have a whole new perspective of cyberattacks hence to focus on more concrete targets on cyber defense and vulnerabilities. On the other hand, one can gain more understandings about products from big cyber security companies and viewpoints to cyber threats from different countries indirectly. For example, based on this year’s hot products, the APT attacks and unknown zero-day vulnerability attack prevention are still priorities in the coming year.

On August 3 the Black Hat Seminar invited the chief scientist of White Ops, Mr. Dan Kaminsky to give the opening speech. Dan Kaminsky is a famous engineer who has devoted to the Internet security for 20 years. His topic was “the invisible structure of time: why our Internet can work, how we lose it, and how hackers should address.” In his speech Mr. Kaminsky raised a very important point: “Do share the whole new security skill you have acquired. Our Internet security should be protected by all the people in the world, and a secure Internet world is maintained by everyone’s expertise and experiences.”

PS: 2016/08/03-04 Black Hat USA 2016, 2016/08/04-07 DEF CON 24