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TWCERT/CC Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center


TWCERT/CC Holds the Conference of Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Alliance

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  • Update:2019-04-08
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TWCERT CC Holds the Conference of Taiwan CERT CSIRT Alliance

In Taiwan, there are many CERTs and CSIRTs operating in different fields yet without any regular meetings to put them together. Therefore, a regular “Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Conference”to connect all the CERTs and CSIRTs in Taiwan into an alliance operating with mutual trust and reciprocity to understand the panorama of Taiwan’s cyber security, strengthen the cyber security protection in all the fields, exchange cyber security intelligence with each other, and construct a safe and secure Internet environment.

Therefore, in 2017 TWCERT/CC intends to hold a conference for all the CERTs and CSIRTs around Taiwan. For the sake of promoting further exchanges and collaborations to improve the stability of Taiwan’s cyber security, TWCERT/CC hopes the conference can be held in turn by each CERT/CSIRT annually, and each host can decide the annual theme of the conference.