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TWCERT/CC Assists the TDOH Conf 2018

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  • Update:2019-04-08
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TWCERT CC Assists the TDOH Conf 2018

The TDOHacker was established by a group of students passionate to cybersecurity in mid-2013 to promote the awareness of cybersecurity, enhance related skill exchanges, and improve the cybersecurity learning environment in Taiwan through a campus-based national cybersecurity community. Up to now, TDOHaker keeps dedicating to the cybersecurity talent cultivation in Taiwan by collaborating with many universities, and its scale of human resources has been taken shape.

In recent years, TDOHacker has held tens of lectures, assisted some communities and educational institutions to hold lectures and courses, and developed several projects of cybersecurity educational platforms. To develop a more complete cybersecurity learning environment, TDOHacker holds many small activities in regular time to bring the cybersecurity communities together and facilitate their interactions. Since 2016, TDOHackers has begun to hold big activities, such as TDOH- PIPE and Conf.

In September 29, 2018, TWCERT/CC assisted the TDOH Conf 2018 with a booth and a lecture to promote the awareness of cybersecurity. Ms. Wen-Ling Luo, the analyst of TWCERT/CC, gave the lecture on the topic of “The Cybersecurity Risks of One-page Online Auction Fraud Schemes”to indicate the features of one-page online auction fraud schemes and TWCERT/CC’s role of assistance in such incidents.