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TWCERT/CC Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center


TWCERT/CC Participates in the HITCON Enterprise 2015

  • Department:TWCERT/CC
  • Update:2019-04-08
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TWCERT CC Participates in the HITCON Enterprise 2015

In the HITCON Enterprise 2015 held in the Sheraton Hotel on August 26-27, TWCERT/CC promoted its services and cyber security incident responses as well as interacted with professionals and scholars in the field of cyber security.

【About HITCON】 There is no black and white in the arena of technology. We think hackers represent high-level skills and challenge takers. Different from other business conferences and seminars, the HITCON Enterprise 2015 offers hackers a stage for free and face-to-face interactions to share the latest and the most in-depth cyber security skills. The design of the conference agenda is under scrutiny to make sure the discussions are focused on pure cyber security researches, latest cyber security trends, and high-level hacking skills. Through the hottest issues, live IRC chatting channel, and the wall of sheeps, we create interesting and interactive innovations to make each year’s HITCON as an attractive and significant event to show the real hacker culture.