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TWCERT/CC Holds 2017 Conference of Taiwan Cyber Security Notification and Response

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  • Update:2020-03-25
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TWCERT CC Holds 2017 Conference of Taiwan Cyber Security Notification and Response

The “2017 Conference of Taiwan Cyber Security Notification and Response: the New Thinking You Must Know about Collaborative Cyber Security Defense”held by TWCERT/CC on September 13, 2017, is the first large-scale conference of cyber security since it operates by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology from 2015 with 330 people ‘s participation.

To address several serious cyber security incidents happened in Taiwan during the recent years, the theme of the conference was “the notification and response of cyber security incidents”. TWCERT/CC hoped to let the participants understand information about the ways to conduct cyber security incident notifications and responses, cyber security supporting channels, and the process and solutions to address cyber security incidents.

In the conference the director of the Department of Cybersecurity, Mr. Hung-Wei Chien, gave a lecture of “Taiwan’s Cyber Security Collective Defense Mechanism”: the key indexes of Taiwan’s cyber security development were estimated from four dimensions- to complete the basic environment of cyber security, to construct national cyber security collaborative defense mechanism, to cultivate high-level cyber security talents, and to promote the self-reliance of the cyber security industry. Up to now the Department of Cybersecurity has established a 10-people cyber security service group regarding to financial institutions and hope to launch 4 cyber security service groups in 2017. Moreover, early warning, constant monitoring, notifications and responses are the four pillars to evaluate cyber security risks and to implement cyber security defense centered on risk management. Notifications and responses are the most critical part; only through cyber security incident notifications can it be possible to manage the current situations and make timely responses.

The members of Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Alliance were invited to share their services and internal operations. Currently the members of Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Alliance are TWNCERT serving government institutions, TACERT and TWCSIRT serving the academic network, EC-CERT focusing on e-commerce, NCC-CERT under the National Communication Commission, TM-CSIRT of TrendMicro, and TWCERT/CC serving the private sector. The intention of the Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Alliance is to promote intensive collaborations among the CERTs and CSIRTs in Taiwan to monitor Taiwan’s cyber security status and respond emergent cyber security incidents in time. In the future, the Taiwan CERT/CSIRT Alliance will keep inviting all the CERTs and CSIRTs to be its members hence to expand its scale and to realize the full coverage of Taiwan’s collective cyber security defense. The chair of Nippon CSIRT Association Steering Committee, Masato Terada, was invited to share the CSIRT operating experiences in Japan.

In addition to invite CERTs and CSIRTs, TWCERT/CC was also pleased to invite professionals to share experiences regarding to cyber security assistance, talent cultivation, notifications, and responses, including the senior executives of big cyber security companies, Mr. Chia-Sheng SHEN, the founder of TDOH, Mr. Allen Own, the executive director of HITCON, Dr. Shiuhpyng SHIEH, the deputy director of NCTU Hackers’College, Section Chief CHOW from the MJIB, Dr. I-Long LIN, the  president of the Association of Cyber Forensics Development in Taiwan, Director CHEN, the Cyber Defense Division of NCSIST, and Prof. Shin-Ming CHENG from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.