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TWCERT/CC Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center


TVN List

TVN-202402004 EBM Technologies Uniweb/SoliPACS WebServer - SQL Injection CVE-2024-26262
TVN-202402003 Hgiga OAKlouds - Arbitrary File Read And Delete CVE-2024-26261
TVN-202402002 Hgiga OAKlouds - Command Injection CVE-2024-26260
TVN-202402001 EC-WEB FS-EZViewer(Web) - SQL Injection CVE-2024-1523
TVN-202401002 ASUS Armoury Crate - Arbitrary File Write CVE-2023-5716
TVN-202401001 Intumit inc. SmartRobot - Remote Code Execution CVE-2024-0552
TVN-202312012 NetVision Information airPASS - Path Traversal CVE-2023-48383
TVN-202312022 Kaifa Technology WebITR - SQL Injection CVE-2023-48395
TVN-202312021 Kaifa Technology WebITR - Arbitrary File Upload CVE-2023-48394
TVN-202312020 Kaifa Technology WebITR - Error Message Leakage CVE-2023-48393
TVN-202312019 Kaifa Technology WebITR - Hard-coded Cryptographic Key CVE-2023-48392
TVN-202312001 ITPison OMICARD EDM File Uploading Function - Arbitrary File Upload CVE-2023-48371
TVN-202312002 ITPison OMICARD EDM File Uploading Function - SQL Injection CVE-2023-48372
TVN-202312003 ITPison OMICARD EDM File Uploading Function - Path Traversal CVE-2023-48373
TVN-202312004 SmartStar Software CWS Web-Base - Use of Hard-coded Credentials CVE-2023-48374
TVN-202312005 SmartStar Software CWS Web-Base - Broken Access Control CVE-2023-48375
TVN-202312006 SmartStar Software CWS Web-Base - Arbitrary File Upload CVE-2023-48376
TVN-202312007 Softnext Mail SQR Expert - Path Traversal CVE-2023-48378
TVN-202312008 Softnext Mail SQR Expert - Blind Server-Side Request Forgey (SSRF) CVE-2023-48379
TVN-202312009 Softnext Mail SQR Expert - Command Injection CVE-2023-48380